Ignite VR brings the world of Virtual Reality to your classroom.

Option 1 –
STEM VR Touring

Being able to take your class to almost anywhere in the world while in the comfort of your own school has never been easier!

A full class experience, all students wear VR headsets at the same time, engaging with the experience and responding to questions from the material.

These sessions can get noisy with the students laughing and excitedly exploring what the world has to offer.

Utilise one of our prebuilt tours based on the curriculum, or let our educators and instructional designers work with you to bring your desired content into VR. Our team can build a bespoke solution for you and your school.

Suitable for all year levels in both Primary and Secondary school.

Option 2 –
STEM mobile vr Arcade

Ignite VR uses state of the art HTC Vives and high-end gaming computers to bring the best that VR has to offer to your school.

Setting up in the school gym or large drama space, we present a range of VR experiences for all year levels. Students can work on communications, teamwork, STEM and related activities.

All the work is done for you, from selecting the most appropriate content, mapping against the curriculum and student worksheets. All you need to bring is the students and their imaginations.

Students work in small groups to work through provided content and worksheets, moving beyond an isolating experience, the STEM mobile arcade requires students to work together and communicate throughout their time in VR.

We have experiences for year levels 2 through to 7.

Option 3 –
STEM vr maker crew

Using a full suite of 360 degree cameras, laptops and VR headsets, Ignite VR will come to your school and run your own STEM innovation workshops.

Ideal for students in year 6 and above, this problem based workshop has students create their own VR experience. Supporting students transition from being consumers to creators it opens their mind to opportunities in STEM futures.

For entry level students, we provide all required images for students to build their own virtual tour. For students ready to take on the next level, use our cameras to capture images from around your school, develop content and build your very own experience.

Suitable from year 6 upwards.


Ready to take your students on a trip to outer space?

We have programs for students from year 1 all the way through to year 7, each with a different area of focus. If you have a specific need, just let us know and we will find a VR solution that suits you and your students.
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