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Ignite VR OSHC incursions

Ignite VR is South Australia’s largest mobile virtual reality experience, we specialise in school incursions and activities, having entertained and educated over 10,000 kids and adults in the past 12 months alone.

We use some of the best virtual reality equipment on the market, using high end computers to bring you the best experience available in virtual reality.  

We are completely flexible in our programs can cater for up to 120 kids a day, with each class having their own VR session specific to their year level or study focus.

Ignite VR School Incursions

Technology is changing at a rapid rate, many of us can remember the early days of computing where a reasonable PC was both big and expensive.

With the resurgence of VR we are at a new wave of innovation when it comes to interacting with technology. With this new wave comes leaps and bounds in a products ability, before we realise it, what is cutting edge will be outdated.

Ignite VR offers you the opportunity to use the very best that virtual reality has to offer with none of the risk of actually buying equipment let alone expensive upkeep or training.

We use the best tools

Ignite VR uses the best technology on the market to ensure your students have the best and most immersive experience possible. We use the room scale HTC Vive, this allows us to use the most powerful software to allow your students to interact with their environment within VR, way more powerful than a 360 video. Our mobile computing power, with state-of-the-art gaming machines allows our education program to be robust and reliable.

Learning First, Technology Second

The technology we use is amazing, there is no doubt there, but we don’t just use it for the fun of it. There is increasing support for the use of VR in the classroom, with data suggesting it facilitates knowledge retention, engagement and empathy. We know that teachers are incredibly busy, so we do all the work, activities are already designed and mapped to the national curriculum and specifically targeted at each year level from 1 through to 7

We also do kids parties!

Ignite VR Kids Parties

Ignite VR brings the best in virtual reality to your home. For a flat fee for the SA Metro area, Ignite VR will bring 2 of the best in market HTC Vive units to your home for your party guests to enjoy. A trained technician stays to ensure that everything works as it should, and that the best selection of games is on offer.

We arrive ½ an hour before the party, setting up to ensure you get to make the most of your 3-hour play time, and don’t pack up until your 3 hours is done. There are no hidden added extras, and you can be sure that guests will enjoy their virtual reality experience. It’s all in the comfort of your own home so no transport, parking or expensive food and drinks at a party venue.


Your place. This is for a few reasons, firstly – the last thing you probably want to do is pile all the kids in a small convoy and treck them to a venue. Secondly – your place, your food etc, if you have to take the party to an external venue, you know it will cost you even more to feed the kids. Thirdly, with no set venue, it allows us to keep the costs lower, and pass that on to you.


We do our parties on Saturday as a rule but may be able to do other days with enough notice. We arrive ½ an hour before the party, setting up to ensure you get to make the most of your 3-hour play time, and don’t pack up until your 3 hours is done. Start time is pretty much up to you as we only schedule 1 party each day


You can have as large or small group as you like, the smaller the group the more play time they get but it’s completely up to you, there are no additional fees for larger groups.  We recommend ages from upwards of 7/8 years for them to get the most of their VR experience and will only allow guests to play games within recommended age limits and appropriateness.


What we need from you is space, with approximately 6 square metres available to set up the VR systems. Indoors is preferable but outside, under cover will work also. We are flexible and are great at adapting to the space available.

ignite vr at your next event!

Large Scale Events

Ignite VR has run successful pop-up VR arcades at a number of large scale events, with a mobile arcade we can set up wherever you need us to be to bring that extra wow factor to your conference or exhibition

.Hybrid world 2018
Running a successful arcade over the public program of Hybrid world gave visitors an opportunity to explore the most advanced VR gaming environment for free.

Christmas Lights, Festive Nights – VR experience
Working with the Adelaide city council Ignite VR was able to bring a little more magic into this holiday event, with visitors being able to have a snowball fight in VR or even build a virtual snowman.

Tonsley Open Day 2019 – Ignite VR ran a pop up VR gaming arcade, with 9 VR booths offering state of the art gaming for visitors, with over 10,000 attendees this event was one to remember.

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